Welcome to WordPress 3 and the KAPPA theme

KAPPA Preview Blog

One of the most anticipated releases of WordPress delivers a host of new features, most notably the long awaited menu builder. The new KAPPA WordPress theme brings support for the new features.

Anybody who has ever used WordPress will relate to the need for a more flexible way to manage what appears in your menus. So the new menu builder is most welcome, giving you the ability to build flexible custom menus. This is one of many improvements brought to the WordPress community. Of course to make use of new features, you need to either update your theme or find one that supports the new features.

My new KAPPA theme attempts to combine some recent trends in web design with some of the great new features introduced in WordPress 3. The result is a highly flexible theme that can deliver that unique feel to your WordPress site. With support for the new Menu Builder and a set of design and typography schemes, configurable through the new theme options page, the KAPPA theme will suit many different applications.

Visit the KAPPA theme home page for more details and previews.