The New Theme Loom

The all-new Responsive Design for the ThemeLoom makes it's mark.

Accolades for the All-New ThemeLoom site.

Accolades for the All-New ThemeLoom site.

The ThemeLoom is our very own WordPress theme store, publishing quality free and premium themes since 2006. We thought it was time for a fresh look for the site and especially since we had been doing a lot of work with responsive design recently. It was time for the ThemeLoom to get the responsive touch too.

The design itself is based on one of the themes available at the ThemeLoom and was built as a WordPress child-theme.

Since going live with the new design we have received various accolades from admirers including being voted .NET‘s responsive site of the month in March 2012 edition of the magazine.

The ThemeLoom was one of the first publishers to offer responsive WordPress themes.