Does your web site work on mobiles and tablets?

50% of people use a mobile as their primary browser

Responsive DesignDo visitors to your web site have to squint or pinch and zoom to read your content when using their smartphone or tablet?

Until recently most web sites were designed using a fixed width (960 pixels was most common) and designed on a desktop computer with a nice big monitor. But 50% of potential visitors to your site use a mobile or tablet as their primary internet browser. (See Infographic: 2013 Mobile Growth Statistics.)

Over the last few years clever designers (like us?) have noticed this change in technology and so started designing web sites that scale and adapt to the user’s device size and capabilities. This is called Responsive Web Design (RWD) and produces sites that are mobile and tablet friendly.

The result is happy users and visitors who can actually read your content on their mobiles.

Kick London Web SiteEven the page you are reading right now is using a responsive design. Don’t believe us? Try resizing your browser and see how content is displayed differently as the browser window gets smaller. You could even try it on your smartphone to see what a difference this makes to being able to interact with a web site on the go.

Is it time your web site was mobile friendly?

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