A Reboot!

Well, I thought it was time for a reboot which aims to tidy up this blog a bit. Mind how you go! If something looks broken from where you are I’d be most grateful if you’d let me know.

Anybody want my old theme? Perhaps I’ll put it up for download or maybe auction the exclusive use of theme for charity.

Update to EPSILON and UPSILON themes

Thanks to Rena, who brought my attention to a problem with these two themes in Internet Explorer 6. The themes were prone to the famous text creep bug in IE6 when you have nested tags that have both a left border and bottom margin. I think Rena, after a late night or two found the Holy hack got round it. But these issues are usually avoidable and so I have at last tracked this little problem down having found a PC still running IE6. And it is very simple.

If you are already using these themes the bug is caused by the .post blockquote statement in the style sheet. You can either remove the left border or rework the margins to lose the bottom margin. In my updated versions I have simply removed the line, ” margin: 5px” altogether.

Download latest versions