Grow WordPress Theme

A responsive, powerful WordPress theme built with SASS


The Grow Theme is the latest in our long line of themes that we publish through our very own Theme Loom. You can check out a full demo here.

This is the first theme we have released that was built with SASS and Compass, tools we have become fond of using on other projects. The theme also comes with a bag load of new elements to spruce up your content including things like tabs, toggles, icon fonts and all the usual buttons. It is of course responsive and uses a grid based off the 1140 grid that we have used on several of our themes.

It even has some fancy graph elements for building content with an info-graphic flavour. These elements are built on top of on bar-graphs and Easy PieChart, providing a neat little shortcode to add a fancy graph you your page.

The Grow theme comes with some nice graph elements.

The Grow theme comes with some nice graph elements.

People often under-estimate the amount of work that goes in to building a theme that is fit for public release. Life is easier these days, thanks to our own theme framework on which all our themes now sit. This certainly speeds development and reduces early release bugs (which we always fix by the way).

themeloom_logoGrow Theme is available for download from our WordPress theme store, the Theme Loom.

Grow Theme



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Deck your church blog with boughs of holly?

Fellowship groveWell that is what one WordPress-driven church seems to have done. Fellowship Community Church in Grove City, PA have gone all festive with their church blog, courtesy of a pretty cool theme by Design Disease.

So how will you blog your church this Christmas? Hang angels from your Blog Title? Give away virtual gifts and snowballs on Facebook (its true, you can)? But, seriously share the story.