Goodbye Flickr, Hello TroveBox (OpenPhoto)

Since my last post, my search for a flickr alternative continued. Flickr haven’t listened and I just stopped using it. Not through protest, simply because it is unusable.

Since then I discovered TroveBox, or should I say “reacquainted myself” with OpenPhoto, as TroveBox is the hosted version of the open source image hosting software. There is so much I like about TroveBox. read on

Learning things the hard way – an update.

Well after much tears this week, I think my blog is getting back to a functional state. So what happened? Well my old site was hacked I! So during this week I have learnt a bit more about WordPress security. The bottom line is, do not under any circumstances leave any folders with CHMOD 777 permissions enabled. Just don’t do it. Many plugins and even WordPress documentation themselves tell you to set permissions in this way. And on many servers the only way to make image upload work is to have permission set that way. But it leaves the back door open. Check out the forums and find a host that offers a solution that means folders remain set to 755.

In the mess, I managed to loose a lot of the images from posts on the site, so bear with me. I’ve also opted to move away from Plogger for image hosting and got myself a Flickr account with the wonderful FAlbum pugin. The idea being that looking after all the images I lost is not my problem anymore!

All the WordPress Themes and my PloggerPress plugin should now be available again now too.