RS Event Plugin

Adds an “RS Event” panel to the posting admin page, allowing for a date to be set for the post and then displayed in the blog sidebar or an events page. The plugin also includes a widget and was originally developed by Robert Sargant, whose blog and plugin seem to have disappeared. Lots of people were looking for it, so here is a home for it for now.


UPDATE Feb 09 : The version now available here has been modified to work in 2.7+ and incorporates changes made by various people including someone called Nudnik and Rick Parsons.

Version 0.9.7 (Compatible with WP 2.7+)

Older versions of RS Event from Robert’s site don’t work in WordPress 2.1+, the file below is the last version from Robert’s site but fixed for Wp 2.5.

Version 0.9.3 (fixed for Wp 2.5)


1. Unzip and copy to your plugins folder.
2. Activate the plugin.
3. Add the sidebar widget to your sidebar and configure widget options
Or 3. Add the sidebar function to your theme

(see readme with package for more info)

Creating events

To add an event, create a new post and scroll down to the bottom of the write page and you should find a new RS Event panel. Pick a date and time and save the post.

Diaplaying events

Use the sidebar widget to configure a list display of events.