Plogger Press

PloggerPress is a plugin for WordPress that I created to integrate the Open Source gallery, Plogger, into my blog. It allows you to embed photos and albums in posts and comes with a function to display images in your sidebar. See below for full list of features.

Download the PloggerPress Plugin for WordPress:

Download version 0.4.1.
One user has also created a sidebar widget for the plugin.
If you would like to encourage future releases:


Use a tag to insert thumbnails of all images in an album in a post, like this:

2 Or insert large thumbnail of single image like this:


  • Use the sidebar function to show any number of random images in a block. See my site for an example.
  • Support for LightboxJS
  • Configurable link type (link to picture, album or use lightbox)
  • Configurable sidebar (random images, recent images or specific album)
  • Option menu to configure plugin


  • Tested on Wp 2.5 and Plogger 2.1 (UPDATE: But does work with Plogger 3 too)
  • Plogger database must be in the same database as your WordPress installation
  • Lightbox support requires the LightboxJS Plugin

To Install:

  1. Copy plugin to plugins directory and activate in admin panel
  2. Configure the url and table prefix of your plogger installation in the Plogger Press options menu
  3. Configure the other options in the options menu (Install the lightboxJS plugin if required)


  • To get random images in your sidebar use:
    plogger_press_sidebar(); or plogger_press_sidebar(6);
    – where you can change the number of images you reuqire – leaving out the argument makes the plugin use number configured in options menu
  • To use in your posts:
    <plogalbum>2</plogalbum> : will insert small thumbnails of all images in album with id=2
    <plogphoto>7</plogphoto> : will insert large thumbnail of photo with id=7

Theme Integration with Plogger

See my post on this subject. But I’ve dumped Plogger from my own blog because I can’t get theme integration to work in Plogger 3.


  • Release 0.4.1 – most recent images order fixed
  • Release 0.4: – IMPORTANT: tags now lowercase to be XHTML valid!
  • Release 0.3: – many more options in options panel – support for lightboxJS plugin – configurable link type (link to picture, album or lightboxJS) – configurable block type (random images, recent images or specific album)
  • Release 0.2: – added admin options panel – configuration of table prefix and url of plogger installation from panel – configuration number of sidebar images from options panel (this is optional – argument in sidebar fucntion overides this)
  • Release Alpha 0.1: Easy – my first plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!