WordPress is the world’s best blogging and content management system. And it is free! Here you will find links to themes, plugins and other WordPress related stuff. WordPress is what drives this blog.

Free WordPress Themes

I’ve created a number of themes for WordPress, particularly for use in church applications. I started at the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet. Let’s see how far I get…they can be downloaded from the LivingOS Theme Loom.

WordPress-Driven Church

Given its ease of use and popularity, WordPress is a great way to share the story of your church online. Check out the growing directory of churches using WordPress on the WordPress Driven Church site.

WordPress Plug-ins

PloggerPress 0.4.1 – A plugin for Plogger . Embed albums and images in posts. Show random images in your sidebar. More…

The RS Event plugin was originally developed by Robert Sargant, whose blog and plugin seem to have disappeared. In my opinion this is easily the best event/calendar plugin for WordPress and so unless Robert reappears, I’d like to try and keep it alive for the good of the community. Especially for those who use my church themes that rely on it! more…

ThumbPress – an interface to phpThumb used to create all the thumbnails and post images you see here on the fly.

WordPress Tutorials

Check out my WordPress post category for articles and tutorials on WordPress.

Hosting for WordPress

These two hosts below have an auto install feature for WordPress.