Joining a Global Conversation on the Issues of Our Time

We covered the first two at college, so will the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Cape Town, South Africa this week prove to be more significant?

If the success of such an event is measured by the number of Christians adding their voice to the conversation, then you might expect big things from this week in Cape Town. This is because this is likely to be the biggest conversation between Christians in history. As well as the 4000 or so delgates meeting in Cape Town, Christians from around the world are invited to join the conversation on a huge range of topics by joining a global conversation through the vechicle of social media or by attending meet-ups around the world.

Anyone can join the global conversation, contributing or following via twitter, facebook or the dedicated site. You can find local meet ups via the Global Link site.

Exploring the global conversation site, here are some of the conversations of note:

China’s delegates prevented from attending

Sadly the Chinese government seem to have been working to keep leaders of the Chinese church away. Some of the Christians were though able to join the online conversation:

“Yesterday Oct 17, sunday, when they were worshipping, many plainclothesmen came and dismissed the worship. Some organizers were sent to place that we don’t know. we cannot contact them via cellphone from yesterday.”

Read China’s delegates prevented from attending

What comes first – belief, behaviour, or belonging?

As good Baptists we know about this conversation, don’t we?

Read What comes first – belief, behaviour, or belonging?

The Partnership of Males and Females in the New Global Equilibrium

A subject that is still apparently controversial judging by some of the comments left by contributors. I’m not sure the technology works here. Those who fill the screen with proof texts seem to be shouting loudest. There is no space to suggest alternative interpretations, even if they would be prepared to listen.

Read The Partnership of Males and Females in the New Global Equilibrium.

Just three of the hot topics being discussed today by Christians across the globe.

Join the conversation now.