ChurchUna – Web Publishing for Churches

Building a church web site with WordPress just got easier.


Churchuna makes WordPress for churches even easier.

Built on Experience

We have been helping churches harness the power of WordPress since about 2005. Today it has become the number one choice of developers and users alike for content management.

Churchuna takes some of the hassle out of running a WordPress site for churches by bringing together a collection of tools and bags of experience to deliver a great platform with which to publish on-line.

Feature Development

We have invested significant effort in this project including a number of features that have been developed in-house and which are exclusive to churchuna.

You can use churchuna to create and manage a web site for your church/group or create an inspirational blog. We have bundled some powerful plugins, features and awesome themes (including most of those available at our own

You can sign up to use churchuna for free, so why not give it a whirl?