Breaking the silence

I really have neglected the blog here for some time. 2 years in fact! So I think it is about time I broke the silence.

laravel-l-slantThe silence is due in part to being, well, just too busy to blog. I have been working on several large web-based applications for clients using what has become a well-rounded toolset of Angular JS up front and Laravel serving up the rear. It sounds like some pantomime horse, but it is much cooler than that.

This has also brought more exposure to the ever increasing number of tools available for the modern web development workflow: Git, Gulp, Bower, SASS, Codeception, Jasmine, Blueprint….the list is endless. What I’ve learnt is that the vast number of available tools can be a little overwhelming and the key has been settling on a set that provides a workflow that suits you and the people you are working with.

This has been a welcome change from WordPress related work, but has also brought new skills and tools into my WordPress workflow too.

I’ve been building WordPress themes and plugins ( for over 10 years, building many sites and applications for clients using the evolving CMS in that time. Branching out into other projects, learning new tools and returning to my software engineering roots has been a conscious decision on my part over the last couple of years.

But, despite my predictions of its demise, WordPress is still the goto choice for many projects. It is also set to continue to be so. So yes I am still building WordPress sites for clients as well as lots of custom work on integrations and plugins.

Now having broken the silence here, I’m hoping to share a little more on web development, tools and workflow in upcoming posts.