Life is full of little discoveries and triumphs.
Here are some of the things we have uncovered or conquered lately.

Finding Inspiration in the Snow

Finding your car under a foot of snow is God’s way of telling you to walk today. I was pleased that I took my camera with me as I hadn’t noticed this street before

I had been struggling for inspiration for our Christmas services this week, so this set my mind off in new directions. Christmas is surely about hope coming very close, in skin and bone into the cold and dark, bringing light to the street here in the town where I live.

18-12-2010 15-11-6

The sign has that urban grunge look which seems to earth the image and I think the snow caps help reinforce the message.

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The Wordle of the Lord?

I came across Wordle in the weekend’s Guardian and thought it would help the thinking process to put this week’s lectionary texts through it for a quick visual:

Wordle - Lectionary Proper C21_1285145786069

Wordle takes any text or url and randomly creates a nice typographical visual. You can customize it or just go with the randomly produced results. I guess you could do it with your sermon notes too, then compare the one made from the text and see how close to the text your words are!

WordPress themes site gets a makeover

I have been developing WordPress themes and helping churches harness the potential of this great tool for over five years now. I felt it was time for a fresh approach for the themes site and to create a site more focussed on creativity and user support. And so the Theme Loom.

The Loom will continue to offer access to all the previous LivingOS WordPress themes, but will increasingly look to provide themes that match the latest standards in web design and offer support for the features of the latest versions of WordPress. The Mu theme, released last year is the first in what hopes to be a line of creative, easy to use and highly functional designs that will emerge from the Loom.

The new site uses my KAPPA theme, which is a new design I hope to get round to releasing on the Loom in the next few weeks. It includes some jQuery goodies as well as some CSS3 features for those browsers that support them:

  • subtle CSS3 rounded corners here and there (unless you are using lame old Internet Explorer)
  • more interesting fonts via the new font-face thingy
  • drop menus and lavalamp-like navigation

And that is just what you see! Behind the theme are also plenty of new features. All but the rounded corners work in IE6+.

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