Life is full of little discoveries and triumphs.
Here are some of the things we have uncovered or conquered lately.

How to Change the Root Site on a WordPress Network


This little problem took a while to find the answer to even if the solution is pretty simple. A WordPress Network (or multi-site) allows you to run hundreds of  independent WordPress sites from a single install. This is a great way to simplify the management of multiple sites.

I use such a set-up to run this site and I can quickly create preview sites for clients this way.

But how do you change the root blog (default site  for your network to a sub-site you have created. You might want to do this if you are developing a new version of your main site and want to make it live by switching your root site. read on

A Holiday Club Song with an Olympics Theme

Looking through the Doug Horley Songbook, I couldn’t find one to fit our Olympic themed holiday club this week. So I had a go at writing one myself and it seems to be going down a treat with the kids. It has some great actions (e.g. run, row, ride, swim, a Bolt celebration) and ends with everyone doing their own winner’s celebration.

Words and music are below. If I get time I’ll try and publish a recoding of it too.

Can you run the hundred metres quicker than the Bolt?
Can you row from A to Z like Watkins and Grainger?
Could you ride the Tour de France faster than Bradley Wiggins?
Could you beat Michael Phelps into the pool?

Well they’re all great, make no mistake;
But something else I know is better.
Jesus loves me, just because I’m me you see;
On Team JC everyone’s a winner.

Download the lead Sheet with guitar chords: Can you run the hundred metres?

And of course you are free to use it, share it and remix it in Open Source fashion:

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