Blog gets new theme

I got a bit bored with that last theme, and so have tried to make something a bit more eye catching, reflecting the largely visual emphasis of many of the posts here, as well as making the text more readable. A number of folk have e-mailed to say they would like me to share the theme. I assume that means they like it!

ThumbPressI hope to release a theme based on this one, rather than lose my blog’s distinctiveness. But I also need to release a WordPress plugin I’ve been using for a long while which generates all the post thumbs (bubbles) and lead images on the fly. When time and motivation allow…thumbPress will appear.

There is also a nifty bit of jQuery code for the popups on the main index page, based on a script published by jQuery for Designers.

before fix in IE6In the meantime, I think I have now ironed out some of the wrinkles that Internet Explorer 6 users were seeing (actually it was about not seeing various bits). 15% of readers of this blog are still using IE6 for some reason. IE6 is full of pesky CSS bugs and this one got me for a while. You really should upgrade to a proper and more useful browser like firefox.

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7 thoughts on “Blog gets new theme

  1. Well, I know what you mean, but I wanted a bit quirkiness since this was my little world on-line.

  2. I’ve gotta say, the theme is impressive….I love it. I even like the search box. This is my favorite one you’ve had since the black/green color scheme that matched your favicon. Awesome job!

  3. Wow, you’ve been reading my blog a while then! I’m so amazed, I’ll got create a new favicon.

  4. Tim

    I like this theme better than the last one, though still think there’s a lot of scrolling down the page required to find everything. That especially applies to the way the comments are displayed. I like the idea of having them appear like 2 (or more) parts of a cartoon conversation, but when there’s only one voice saying something complicated it’s not easy to read in such a narrow column.

    I’d also prefer if your full post was displayed the first time I clicked on it, rather than having to click on another link to get more than the intro……

  5. Yes, I have been following your blog for a long time. I’ve always found it interesting being a fellow Baptist(although I live in the southern part of the US) and also being a WordPress design hobbyist. Nice job on the new favicon.

  6. I think this new design looks very professional AND fun at the same time! Oh, and don’t change the search box! The quirkiness fits the theme!