A Social Network for Artists built with BuddyPress & WordPress

artgrove-sliderThe ArtGrove was built for a French client to provide a social network for artists. The site allows artists to showcase their work and build connections with artists and art-lovers around the globe.

Using WordPress as an Application Framework?

The project used WordPress and BuddyPress as the foundation platform and application framework to build on, but includes a substantial amount of custom development work. The core components for image sharing and presentation were developed specifically for this project by

Some of the unique features built into this project include:

  • image sharing with ability to build collections using our very own BP Pictures plugin, that met our requirements in ways that existing plugins failed to do
  • ajax searching and browsing of images and members
  • multi-language capability – the site is currently available in English and French.
  • social login via popular social networking sites

More to come

ArtGrove launched at the end of 2012 and there plans to build on the platform, introducing more features in the coming year. The first phase of the project was delivered on budget and in good time.




Home Page Design

Home Page Design