About Me

You have found your way to Tim’s blog. Here you will find my ramblings on faith, life, music and all manner of computer wizardry. Hope you find this place useful. Living Open Source ?– Well, there is something very gospel about the whole concept of open source, so it seemed like a good name for my site. I live in St Helens in Merseyside (UK) where I am a dad, musician, artist and a minister at St Helens Baptist Church. Before entering full-time ministry, my day job was in IT – now I do it for fun!

The aim of this blog?? – well an opportunity to share thoughts, things, ideas and skills with anybody who might be interested. You’ll find stuff on blogging your church with WordPress, which OpenSource applications allow you to ditch Microsoft as well as the odd visual for Sunday’s sermon.

People have begun to ask about copyright and use of all that you find here. So…

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence, which means you are free to share and remix as long as you credit me and license your derivative creations under identical terms.

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