A new course about the cross


Following the success of our last course, Dying to Know, John Draycott and myself have just put together a second course all about the meaning of cross.

crossposterWe have tried to put together a course that engages with some of the recent conversations about atonement and our theology of the cross. Some things people have said about the cross have been a little controversial (and we like being controversial), but there is much to learn from reflecting on the different ways the bible and theologians over the centuries have spoken about the cross.

We are particularly thankful for the work of Tom Smail in his two books on this subject: Windows on the Cross and Once and for All. This course is based quite heavily on these books but tries to offer an opportunity for disciples of Jesus to spend some time reflecting on the meaning of cross. We have tried to use movie clips and other things from popular culture and to give people space to reflect on as much as debate some of the issues.
We ran this course for the first time in a multi-denominational setting during Lent and found a very positive response to the course. We also were encouraged by the way people engaged with this material. You can download the complete course for FREE from our new resources site talk2.org.uk.

We simply offer you this material, hoping you may find it useful in your setting.


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